Chocolate Caramel Pretzels Sticks

First things first. The winner of the Wal-mart gift card is......Julie Y. #4

I found these on Heather Bailey's blog and thought I would give it a try because they looked so yummy! I learned a lot considering this was my first time. Seriously, how hard can dipping pretzels in chocolate and caramel be, right? Well, I was wrong. It was much easier the second go around. I will definitely have to share my mistakes as I give you the instructions. Trust me, these are sooo good! It's worth a try.


pack of caramel candy

pack of semi-sweet chocolate morsels

large pretzel sticks

First, you will need to unwrap the individual pieces of caramel candy. Place them in a microwaveable bowl. Heat then stir every 15 seconds until melted smoothly.
Use a tall glass or some kind of cylinder that the caramel can be poured into. This way the pretzels can be covered with as much caramel as possible.
Tip: If the caramel is still a bit thick or clumpy you may want to reheat. If the consistency is runnier, it will be a ton easier. The first time I dipped a pretzel stick in the caramel and pulled it out, way too much of the caramel was on the pretzel. You have to let some of the caramel slide off the stick until there is a good coat on there but not too much. Also, let the caramel firm a little while you are holding the pretzel stick before you lay it down. This helps so that the caramel won't easily run off when it sits for a while.
You need to use a non-stick spray on your wax paper before you lay your caramel pretzels down. I use to think that nothing would stick to wax paper...wrong. Caramel does.
Let these sit out long enough to get firm.

Next, you'll need to melt your chocolate in the microwave in the same manner as the caramels. Pour your chocolate in another tall glass and dip just like you did before.

Drizzle with some chopped nuts. Leave them sitting out until firm. Then...enjoy!

These would be great wrapped up as gifts for any occasion!


Carolyn said...

Yummy! Sounds and looks like a perfect teacher treat to me! HA! I will have to try these.

Jamey said...

Oh yum!

Julie Y. said...

This makes me want to be one of your kids teachers so that I can get all your little treats you come up with!

McKinney Madness said...

Yummy! I may need to make these for one of the baby showers I am hostessing! Sounds yummy!!

Katie said...

Yay! I LOVE caramel and chocolate treats. These do make pretty little goodies to give as gifts as well. Thanks for sharing!

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