We're Still Here!!!!!!

Just wanted to drop in to say....we're still here!  So sorry we haven't posted in a while!!  Keep checkin' in because our next post will be a giveaway!! 

We do wanna say thank you...to all of you for your sweet words and support.  :)  We honestly LOVE having this blog and sharing things with everyone and we hope you enjoy it too!!

Merry Christmas!!


Paige and Brooke



So, I had so much fun making the turkey shirt that I decided to try out a Christmas tree shirt made out of ribbon.  The hardest part was deciding on what ribbon to use and what type tree to make - a tall skinny one, a big one or just whatever I think looks!  This is a very simple shirt to make.  All you need is a shirt (the color of your choice), ribbon, a button and a sewing machine.

After choosing the ribbon, play around with the colors to align them however you would like to make a Christmas tree.  To keep the ribbon edges from fraying, I barely burnt the ends of the ribbon.  The ribbon can also be folded under at both sides, then sewed across instead.  The top and bottom of all ribbons have one straight stitch.  I have also seen some sew one straight stitch right down the middle of the ribbon all the way across.  Then I placed the button at the top and sewed it on.

Fairly easy, don't you think!  Give it a try!  I plan to try out some pink and brown ribbon next, and play around with the non-traditional colors.