The 2009 School year is now here! And because we have so many wonderful teachers in our family, this post is dedicated to them and all the other teachers out there beginning the new school year. Maybe this will help you guys out:)

Who doesn't like a small gift every once in awhile? And who better deserves one than your child's teacher. Have you ever wondered, "what would a teacher like to get from a student on the first day of school?" Well, we sent out a little survey to some teachers we know to get their opinions and this is what they came up with.

These were the top 5 things:

1. Gift card or cash money - so the teacher can get exactly what THEY want and not what we THINK they want

2. Snacks - pretzels, drinks, peanut butter crackers, granola bars, nuts, chocolate, gum or any other snack food

3. Stationery - anything with their name or initial on it, note cards, thank you notes and post-it notes

4. Pens - pretty or cute pens, many others said, "EXPO"markers or permanent markers

5. Hand sanitizer

It was learned in this survey that teachers not only love small things for themselves, but can always use school supplies for their classrooms. They have to pay for so many things our of their own pockets. So, all we have to do as parents is grab a pack of Post-it notes or something else at Wal-Mart to send to school with our child. Even once a month and it doesn't have to cost much.

Our mom has said when we make cookies or some kind of dessert at home to get a small Ziploc bag and put a small portion in there and send to the teacher. This can only help your child, right? What a great idea and what a kind and easy way to remember a teacher.

Because we love teachers so much:

Our BACK TO SCHOOL GIVEAWAY is a $50 Wal-Mart gift card!

Maybe this can get a teacher a small basket full of goodies for the first day of school, and still have plenty left over for some things for yourself! You choose how to spend it!

Leave us your name and an e-mail address to reach you before Tuesday night (Aug 4th) at 10:00pm. Only one comment per person and the winner will be randomly selected and announced Wednesday morning in our next post. GOOD LUCK!

Oh, one more thing. One sweet (former) teacher was kind of enough to let us know what NOT to get a teacher. We thought this was funny, so we had to put it on here. Have you ever bought any of these things for a teacher? Ha!

#1 teacher mugs - especially the ones with hot cocoa
Christmas tree ornaments
stuffed animals
Chocolate with mystery nougat
Have a wonderful week!

This contest has ended. Winner will be posted August 5, 2009.


Loveday's Day said...

Like your blog. Especially the crafty things you show us how to do.

Julie Greenhaw said...

That is true! No Teacher Mugs! :)

Elizabeth Adams said...

Elizabeth Adams. eagobama93@bellsouth.net

Julie Y. said...

I know who wrote that last part! LOL!!

the monkey's mama said...

I was a teacher in my former life (read: Pre-Kids as in, my own kids!) and i agree--mugs are nice the first year from the first kid...and then never again.

my email is in my profile!


Anonymous said...

love this post!!!! and if family members can apply: amyb826@hotmail.com.

Anonymous said...

If friends who are aides in the school system can apply...smalbright@yahoo.com

I must say...I love this post, and thank you for thinking of us.

Melodie S. said...

I am a teacher and I love this post!

Melodie Smith

Anonymous said...

I totally agree(being a former teacher)! elizabethsmithbennett@yahoo.com

Stacy said...

What an exciting giveaway!!!

The HoneaBees said...

Awesome! I would love to win this for Sister's new preschool teacher! It might help since there will be crying and fit throwing the first few weeks!

Anonymous said...

Great ideas for teacher gifts! This will come in handy since Josh is starting kindergarten this year. lucascagle@yahoo.com


joy said...

I've ALWAYS given teachers a 1st day of school gift. I always do something that's special "just for them" (usually a gift card) & I also fix a goodie bag of extra supplies. This would be so awesome to win!!!

Ashley said...

Great ideas!! Love this...

Ashley said...

I would love this for my children's teachers at school.
Ashley :)

Jennifer Corl Wood said...

Jennifer Wood

Rachel said...

Rachel McConathy

Jamey said...

What a great idea! jmegirl@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! Love yall's blog!
Angel Houck

McKinney Madness said...

A $50 gift card?! I'm all in!! You better believe I'll spend every dime of that on myself, too! It'll be my own "back to school" gift! ha! Thanks for offering this to all of us! Love you!

Anonymous said...

I always love your cute posts! My neice loved the tutu you guys had a while back! Moser321@aol.com

Lana said...

Great idea!
Lana Parker

Anonymous said...

Hey girls! Love your website and I would love to win...it would be perfect, especially since Andrew is at a new school! Keep up the good work with the blog.
Shannon A. paa5443@knology.net

Anonymous said...

OH!!! I could SO use this for my classroom!!! I love reading your posts! They are awesome, and the peach cobbler has become one of my fav fast desserts!! Amber Brewer ---brewer0623@comcast.net

Sunny said...

I'm so glad that you all are back! Love this post!

Anonymous said...

Amy Morris (Mitch's wife)...great list...another gift that i have loved before is movie passes! --matigers@bellsouth.net

Meredith said...

Very good post! wallacemj@bellsouth.net

Anonymous said...

This is a great post- one of my favs yet- and I a LOL at the list at the end. I bet teachers do get way too many mugs and ornaments LOL- so funny!
Angela Wallace- slingmommy@knology.net

Scarlett said...

Who would have written such things at the end? :)

Etta said...

awesome idea!

Carolyn said...

Hey girls, you have just done the whole teaching profession a great service! This is exactly what teachers want but are afraid to admit to a parent. Thanks for doing it for us! Love you!
Aunt Carolyn
P.S. Am I eligible to win? HA!cbrowning@fcs.k12.al.us

Jen said...

I am in charge of the teachers supply closet at our K-8 school. This would be an awesome treat for all of them. Thanks for the chance!


Love the idea! All parents need to know what teachers REALLY want for a gift! :)

Anonymous said...

What a great give-a-way...thanks for thinking of all the teachers out there....Rachel Clark rldclark@gmail.com