Elastic Fabric Covered Headband Tutorial

These cute fabric covered headbands are so easy to make and we're so glad we finally have a tutorial here on our website to share with you.  Paige found one of my headbands that she had kept from college and so I took a close look at it and thought, "I think I can make this."  After trial and error on a few drawn out patterns, we finally decided this was the size we liked.  

First thing you need to do is download and print out the pattern that I drew out.  You can get it HERE.  Make sure you cut out the pattern on the outside of the black line.  I think this might be a tad bit thinner but you can make it wider if you'd like. 

The printed drawing is only half of the final pattern so make sure you place the wide part of the pattern on the folded edge of the fabric.

I doubled my fabric so that I could get both sides at one time.

This is what they should look like after you've cut them out.

You will also need some light interfacing to help stabilize the headband.  You'll only need one of these.

Next, you need to iron down about 1/4 inch on each end of your fabric.

Your interfacing will need to be cut, on each end, about 1/4 inch so that it will be equal length with the fabric.

Now, you need to layer your three pieces like the picture above.  Right side of one piece of fabric facing up, the next piece of fabric wrong side facing up, and then you can stick the end of your interfacing inside the fold.

Then, sew along each side of your layers, all the way to the end.  

The easiest way, and cleanest way, that I've found to trim the thread is to use fingernail clippers.

You can cut very close with the clippers so you can't see a string at all.

You will need a medium sized safety pin to turn the headband inside out.  Put the safety pin through the side of fabric with the interfacing.

You will need push the safety pin through the inside of the headband.  At first, it's kind of tricky to get started but then it should pull through easily.

Here's a better picture of how it comes through.  You'll need to iron it flat after this.

You will also need some elastic.  I think this is 3/4 inch wide, but you can use smaller if you prefer.

Place one end of your elastic inside one end of your heaband.

Then sew across the edge so hold the elastic in place.  Then trim your thread.

Do the same thing to the other end.

Finally, you will need to stitch around the edge of each side of the headband.  Trim your thread.

Then, you're done!

It only takes about 15 minutes!!



Okay, so I had a little fun making these Valentine shirts.  Especially when I find a good deal.  Target had some great deals on long sleeve solid color tees for little ones.  The pink and white long sleeves I bought were only $3.00 a piece.  Gotta love a deal!

First, I picked out some fabric and decided to applique the letter "m" in red polka dot fabric onto the plain pink tee.  Any type of lettering can be used for this.  I printed this m off of the internet and cut it out.  A piece of fabric big enough to color the letter m was needed to iron on the Wonder Under (the iron on adhesive).  To do this, a square piece of Wonder Under the size of the fabric letter m is needed. 

Place your fabric "pretty side" down on the ironing board and place the rough side of the wonder under on top of the "dull" side of the fabric.  A cloth can also be used on top of the fabric and wonder under for extra protection.  I tend not to ever use the cloth - sometimes it doesn't seem to iron on as well with the cloth on top of it.

Next, I placed the cut out letter M on top of the wonder under side of the fabric.  Notice the letter has to be traced backwards.

Now the letter can be cut out

After the letter has been cut out, peel off the top layer of the Wonder Under (usually works best to start at a corner)

Place the letter m (with the Wonder Under against the shirt) and iron it on.  I did swap the pink shirt for the white at the very end.  Oops!  I took a picture with the materials and the pink shirt.  I will use it next.

All I did this time, was to cut out a heart pattern and used the same exact steps above.

For this next shirt, I have to tell you it was a Christmas shirt from Target that I found on sale.  The print was an iron on, so I could put an applique over it, and no one would notice.

Besides, it was only a $1.74.  I couldn't pass that up.

 I used the same pink heart cut out from the shirt above, and then cut out the inside of the heart for an open heart look.

Notice that cute little matching headband!  You can find the tutorial HERE.


"Sweetheart" Digital Scrapbook Freebie!!

Here's a little digital paper pack FREEBIE for you!  Valentine's Day will be here soon so here's a little something for you digital scrapbookers out there.  Hope you enjoy!!

Click on the DOWNLOAD  link below the image to download the digital paper.

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Crock Pot Potato Soup

This recipe came from our mom and it's a super easy Crock Pot Potato Soup.  I don't use my crock pot near enough, but it really is a great appliance for making some yummy soups. For this recipe you will need:

1 bag of thawed hash browns
3 cans of chicken broth (mine were the 14.5 oz cans)
1 can of cream of chicken soup
1/2 pound of Velveeta cheese
1 package of 8 oz cream cheese

You can also add half an onion if you like.

Toss your Hash Browns in....

Add your can of cream of chicken soup.....

Add your Velveeta Cheese.....

Then, your 3 cans of chicken broth and some salt and pepper to taste.  Stir...and cook for about 5 hours.

Add your cream cheese 30 minutes before serving.




Check back to previous post for the winner of the Cracker Barrel gift card.

So, here is one of our most favorite soup recipes for those chilly nights when you want to stay in your pj's all day.  Also, for those busy days when you don't have any extra time to prepare a huge meal.  All this requires is cooking hamburger meat and throwing in the rest of your ingredients.  Try this yummy Taco Soup recipe.  You can fix the recipe to include the ingredients your family may love.

2 lb. ground beef, browned
1 clove garlic, chopped
1 onion chopped
1 (16 oz.) can hominy
1 (16 oz.) can kernel corn
1 (16 oz.) can pinto beans
1 (16 oz.) can red kidney beans
1 can rotel, chopped
2 (16 oz.) cans tomatoes, blended
1 (1 oz.) package taco mix
1 (1 oz.) package ranch dressing mix

The Taco Soup Recipe I use for my family includes some black beans in place of the hominy (we are not too crazy about hominy).  I will also leave out the garlic and onion as well, unless I am taking it as a dish to church or for another family.  Most people love the onions and garlic, but I am not an onion-lover.  Trying to teach myself how much better the taste can be with those two ingredients.
The recipe above is the original and this is how I used it.

Corn, kidney beans, black beans, rotel, diced tomatoes, 1 package of taco mix and 1 package of ranch dressing mix

Also 2 lbs of browned hamburger meat

Combine all ingredients, including the liquid from the cans and pour into a large pot or crockpot (love the crockpot for this one).  Cook slowly for as long as possible...the longer, the better.  Then serve with...

Shredded cheese...

Corn chips (my husband's favorite)...

Or crackers!  And my daughter's favorite, which we were out of the night I made this soup (SOUR CREAM)!

Then eat up!  The leftovers will taste delicious as well!