It's me again. Paige has had a really rough month. Her kids have all had the Swine Flu and now she's sick with something....who knows what, but hopefully she'll be better soon! Pray for her and the fam that they all stay well.

This tutorial will show you how to make no-sew fabric covered wall art. I decided to do something for Caley's room again, although, the boys informed me that it was their turn so I'm gonna have to come up with something for their room too.

I was browsing Amy Butler's website and noticed some wall art with large letters that looked like they had been appliqued on using her new fabric line "LOVE." I immediately rushed to Hobby Lobby to get some fabric. Sometimes, well maybe all the time, I have a one track mind. I wanted to try and make something similar immediately so here's my version.

You will need:

1 yard of fabric for background
scrap fabric for letters
printed out letters that you have enlarged
1 1/2 yards of wonder under
tacky glue
foam board
tulle (optional)
sequins (optional)

The measurements for the one I made is 12" x 30" but you can make it however big or small you would like. First thing you need to do is print out your letters to the size you want then place them on your foam board to see how much you need to cut off. The first time I printed out letters I noticed they were too small. You don't wanna leave too much open space on the board. Cut your board accordingly to how much you measure out with the letters on there.

You will need to add 2 inches to the width and 2 inches to the height when cutting your fabric. So this fabric piece measured 14" x 32".

This stuff works great on fabric.

In the pictures you'll notice that this fabric is actually doubled up but make sure that you put the right side of the fabric facing down then put your board on top. Fold down the corners using your Tacky Glue and press. It holds very well and dries fairly quickly.

After you have all 4 corners completed then fold down the sides and glue them down like the picture above.

This is what the corners should look like when you're finished.

Next, you will need to cut out small sections of your scrap fabric to use for the letters. We are gonna use Wonder Under to applique these letters onto the fabric covered board. Refer back to this section on our other applique tutorial.

Make sure that you iron on the rough side of the Wonder Under to the wrong side of the fabric. The Wonder Under and the scrap fabric should be one peice after you're done.

Here is my first letter I cut out.

Put the letter on top of the paper side. Turn the letter over so that you're looking at it backwards. This is important or you will cut out the letter the wrong way. Believe me, I've made this mistake several times in the past.

Trace you letter and then cut it out.

Now you can peel off the paper on the back of your fabric. Make sure you leave the sticky part on...only peel off the paper. This can be tricky sometimes. It's sometimes easier to start somewhere other than the corner.

After you're finished with all of your letters, place them down flat the way you want 'em then iron them onto your board.

For a little extra something, I glued sequins down around each letter. Since I didn't sew around the letters this will keep the edges from fraying. This was very time consuming but I think it was worth it. :)

You can staple some tulle right on to the back of the board so that you can hang it up! You're done!! Good luck and let us know if you try it!!


www.kevinandamanda.com said...

Oh my goodness, Brooke!! That is amazing!! You are so talented! :)

Anonymous said...

WOW!! You are amazing! So cute!


This looks so cute! I love it! :)

Jen said...

So cute!!!

I hope they get to feeling better soon!

Jenna said...

So adorable! I LOVE it!

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Miss Felicity said...

Wow I love what you made. Looks awesome. Thanks for commenting my Blog. I actually didnt make the layout but added a few extras. I used to own 2 websites & did alot of web and graphic design, but dont know quite how to code these blogger layouts yet so....

Lisa said...

How cute! This is the same assorted fabric I used to make my daughters rag quilt for her bed.

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