My son Joshua wanted a football party for his birthday, so I had to put these brownies on here that I made for his Kindergarten class. Not only did Joshua want a football party, but an AUBURN football party - WAR EAGLE!

Football season is almost here. Some of you might enjoy making these for your tailgate outings or for your little ones that love some brownies. It is so easy.

All you need is a brownie mix, a football cookie cutter and some icing.

Since this was my first time to use a cookie cutter on brownies, I found the easiest way to be lining the sheet pan with aluminum foil (let the foil hang over on the ends for easy pick up).

After the brownies bake, all you do is let the pan cool.

The baked brownie mix comes right out of the pan while you lift the aluminum foil up from the ends. Now the football cookie cutter can be used.

After cutting out all the footballs, there is lots of extra brownie pieces to eat on yourself - yummy! Now, you decorate the footballs with icing. How easy is that!



Jessa Mullen said...

great for tailgating.. WAR EAGLE !!

Julie Greenhaw said...

Cute, and they tasted GREAT too!

www.kevinandamanda.com said...

Those are *darling*!!! I love it!! And they look sooo tasty!! :)

Scarlett said...

Paige, you did SUCH a great job on these! They looked like they were fun to make too!

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athlete nutrition said...

Very yummy and cute brownies. I'm now hungry...

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